The coronavirus pandemic is changing how cities socialize. 24-hour cities will lead the way to a new normal.
Inspired by 40+ initiatives taking place around the globe, 24HourDallas is a private sector-led nighttime economy commission.

Our overarching goal is to help make Dallas — particularly its center city — safer, more inclusive and more economically vibrant at night.

24HourDallas has sliced across the traditional economic and cultural tribes that divide us and assembled a diverse and proactive coalition.

Our volunteers will develop opportunities, make recommendations, and get in front of the challenges Dallas will face as it shifts from its 20th Century, 9-to-5 roots to a mode better suited for the new millennium.

More than 50 businesses and organizations and 100 volunteers have already joined us around a shared mission: Let's create a safe, vibrant and diverse nighttime culture for businesses, residents and guests.

Our partners include businesses, government agencies and departments, and non-profit organizations.

More volunteers and groups are welcomed to be involved. There is no fee for involvement except talent, a spirit of collaboration and time.

Please explore our website . . . and then Join us.

Thank you Greater Dallas Restaurant Association and Elettore.


Park It

24HourDallas Webinar: Park It

The City of Dallas is looking at ways it might amend parking and loading requirements as they pertain to restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. What is the city considering ... and what could these changes mean to our nighttime economy? Four great panelists will bring it into view Monday Oct. 5, 2020, 5:30-6:30 p.m.


59 Asks for Economic Recovery

59 asks for economic recovery

There are 59 pandemic recovery actions the City of Dallas can take to help restaurants, bars, music venues, food trucks, special events and festivals, tourism, arts and culture, and hotels. Review these requests from the City of Dallas' Restaurant and Hospitality Advisory Committee in our "Empty Chairs" report.


Request one of two anti-trafficking placards 24HourDallas has developed for you

Help stop human trafficking

24HourDallas volunteers and donors have developed two versions of anti-trafficking placards. These free signs can be placed in the one location trafficked persons usually have privacy: public restrooms at your business.