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How will new Dallas parking ordinances affect Dallas' nighttime businesses ... and neighborhoods? Given the coronavirus, what will become of instrumental and vocal music—from cafes and concert halls to festivals and cathedrals?

These are some of the topics we will explore in upcoming, virtual happy hours. Participation is free but registrations are capped. We encourage you to register in advance.

Park It
Park It

Monday, Oct. 5, 2020 5:30-6:30 PM
The City of Dallas is reviewing its parking regulations.

The city intends to amend current statutes based on research, best practices, and other cities’ approaches to parking requirements.

As we emerge from the pandemic, what is the City of Dallas considering ... and what could changes mean to our nighttime economy? Let's find out.

Panelists: Dallas City Councilmember Chad West, Tony Shidid of the Dallas City Plan Commission, Travis Liska of North Central Texas Council of Governments, and Mike Brown of HKS Architects. Host: Randall White of 24HourDallas. Co-Sponsors: Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, Premium Parking, and USSV Security.