Over the course of a year, a team of volunteers developed the mission and framework for 24HourDallas.


As young professionals around the world increasingly move to urban centers, more than 40 international cities are looking at ways to boost the nighttime economy while staving off challenges and conflicts.

Most of these global initiatives are led by local government agencies.

Dallas' initiative, however, is a private sector-led coalition. It is designed to:
  • encourage collaboration,
  • incubate cultural activity,
  • champion sociable districts,
  • influence policy, and
  • inspire nighttime business development to the benefit of our city.

  • For 2020, our consortium of company, non-profit, and individual volunteers is focused on these seven action areas:

    Economic Impact Economic Impact

    What data do we have and what do we need to find out to provide meaningful insights and measures for Dallas’ nighttime economy?

    Economic Vibrancy Economic Vibrancy

    What can we do to promote economic activity and increase economic opportunity and equality at night?

    Placemaking Placemaking

    What planning, urban design, transportation, and environmental priorities create an ideal nighttime setting? And what can we do to advance those?

    Safety Safety

    What recommendations and actions can we advance to make customers, residents, employees, neighbors and businesses safer at night?

    Cultural Innovation Cultural Innovation

    What opportunities are there for arts and cultural experiences to invigorate and demystify the night ... and help mitigate conflicts?

    Inclusion Respect & Inclusion

    How can we deliberately ensure all races, ethnicities, faiths, cultural traditions, economic classes, sexual orientations, abilities and families have a place in our work? How can we best mediate conflict and come to terms that take into consideration emotions and laws?

    Communication Communication

    How do we best communicate and gain support for what 24HourDallas and Dallas' nighttime economy are all about?

    As an individual, do any of these action areas stir your passions? Come be a part of the 24HourDallas volunteer team.

    As a company, organization or government agency, do any of these action areas resonate with your strategic community objectives? Come be a member of the 24HourDallas Alliance. There is no fee.