Artist Information
Artist Information


Performing, visual, literary ... even culinary artists!

Relief is On the Way

24HourDallas is looking for artists who would like to volunteer to perform during the Dallas Digithon 24-hour live variety show. Artists from all disciplines—fashion, food, photographers, DJs, painters, burlesque, magicians, literary arts, jugglers, dancers, singers, poetry, spoken word, ventriloquists, instrumentalists, world musicians—are encouraged to apply. There is no cost to perform.

If you are with an arts organization and your arts organization would be interested in performing, please fill out the arts organization performers application. Arts organizations who apply to perform and are accepted would not qualify for to receive a grant for the arts organization. However, individual artists could apply for a grant. Please fill out the online application for arts organizations to apply to perform.

You do not need to be apply for a grant in order to perform in the Dallas Digithon.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we must keep the number of your performers and the length of your performance to a minimum.