Racism and the Nighttime Economy
Racial Equity

Racism and the
Nighttime Economy

Every Voice

Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, America seems to be awakening to the ways bias and prejudice are woven into our culture.

We have reexamined America's unjust past and we have contemplated the potential heartbreak of America's future.

Unless there is deliberate change by day and by night there never will be change.

America won't change.

Dallas won't change.

Help us help take racial stigma and fear out of Dallas' nighttime economy.

Every Voice is 24HourDallas' initiative to address racism in Dallas' nighttime economy. Through community partnerships, and with community support, our volunteers have developed plans to respond to these five opportunities:

  • Increase the number of Black proprietors of nighttime restaurants, bars, and clubs in the City of Dallas.
  • Help existing nighttime businesses, events, and venues be more welcoming of Black customers and audiences.
  • Honor businesses that welcome Black customers.
  • Alert the public to the issues of racism in the nighttime economy.
  • Assist Black performers and venues that are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We all hold biases, and whether or not we consciously subscribe to them, they influence how we perceive and treat others. Research shows that negative racial biases may be expressed as outright racism or lead to discriminatory treatment of people of color.

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