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As we were developing our organization, our volunteers met regularly over happy hour with elected officials and experts. We would discuss critical issues affecting our nighttime and sociable economies. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic paused face-to-face gatherings and moved us into the virtual realm.

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Night Safety | Dallas Police Chief Eddie García's Insights for a Safer, More Sociable Dallas

June 22, 2021
Focused on law enforcement and public safety in the nighttime economy, 24HourDallas was joined by Dallas' new police chief to discuss 21st century approaches to policing nightlife. Panelist: Eddie García, Chief of Police, Dallas Police Department Host: Randall White — President of the Board, 24HourDallas. Co-Sponsor: Safe Night LLC.

Let's Eat | How Restaurants Should Respond as Nighttime Diners Return

May 3, 2021
As customers begin again to dine out at night, what are the trends and what do restaurants need to prepare for? Let's find out. Panelists: Ron Ruggless, Senior Editor, Nation's Restaurant News; Matthew Mabel — Owner, Surrender, Inc. Guest Host: Heather Pickett — Vice President, 3015 at Trinity Groves and Vice-President, 24HourDallas. Co-Sponsor: FreshPoint.

'Dark' Money | How Cities Are Championing Their Nighttime Economies

Apr. 13, 2021
Global cities are beginning to take advantage of the night. There are many examples of how large and small cities are creating — and managing — safer, more inclusive, and productive cities after dark. Panelists: Andreina Seijas J, Night Tank; Alistair Turnham — MAKE Associates. Guest Host: Gary Sanchez — Economics Chair, 24HourDallas. Co-Sponsor: City of Dallas Office of Economic Development.

Enlightened | Planning and Designing Public Spaces for the Night

Mar. 9, 2021
A new field of expertise has emerged for placemaking at night. A city's nighttime economic vitality, culture, public health and — of course — safety can be enhanced by how public spaces are designed and how light is shaped. Panelists: Leni Schwendinger, Light Projects LTD; Joshua King — Dallas AURORA. Guest Host: Bryan Tony — Placemaking Chair, 24HourDallas. Co-Sponsor: Architectural Lighting Alliance.

In the Black: Black-Owed Businesses, Successful at Night

Feb. 9, 2021
New, Black-owned Dallas businesses are showing us how to succeed at all hours of the day. Panelists: Wesley Williams, BurgerIM; David Singh, Turkey D.A.M; Chef Amber Williams, Le Rouge Cuisine. Guest Host: Reuben Lael — Equity Chair, 24HourDallas Board of Directors. Co-Sponsor: Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce.

That's Amore! Dallas Loves Pizza at Night

Jan. 25, 2021
With an existing to-go business model, many pizza proprietorships were ready-made to be coronavirus pandemic survivors. Panelists: David Cole, i Fratelli Pizza; Sammy Mandell, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company (GAPCo); Khanh Nguyen, Zalat Pizza.

Drinks on the Brink

Dec. 15, 2020
Will Dallas drinking establishments return to pre-pandemic profitability? Panelists: Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson, City of Dallas; Jeff Brightwell, Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard; Stephanie Keller Hudiberg, Deep Ellum Foundation; Bryan Tony, 24HourDallas.

Women and the Nighttime Economy

Nov. 16, 2020
What can we all do to better respond to the needs and challenges faced by women who work or socialize at night? Panelists: Dimitrios (Jim) Mastoras, Safe Night LLC; Carolyn Dent, Omni Hotel Dallas; Sonya Parker Goode, Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

Park It

Oct. 5, 2020
The City of Dallas intends to amend current statutes based on research, best practices, and other cities’ approaches to parking requirements. What could changes mean to our nighttime economy? Panelists: Chad West, Tony Shidid, Travis Liska, and Mike Brown.

Is Live Music Dead?

Sep. 22, 2020
The live-music sector has been among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Damage to that economic ecological system also affects behind-the-scenes personnel, advertising, lodging, meals, transportation, and other support sectors. Panelists: Kate Durio, Kim Noltemy, and Edwin Cabaniss.

Racism & the Nighttime Economy

Aug. 3, 2020
What happens when groups of nightlife participants from different racial, class, and cultural backgrounds come together in urban Dallas? And how can we help remove racial stigma and fear from Dallas’ nighttime economy? Panelists: Reuben A. Buford May, Ph.D, Kenny Reeves, Aaron Bradley II, and Drew Green.

Customer Trends, Customer Confidence, and Keeping it Clean

Jul. 27, 2020
COVID-19 has changed everything. Still, there is a treasure trove of brand-new tourism trends and data about local customer patterns that will give any nighttime business great insights. Plus, to regain customer confidence, know what to do to become a "microbial warrior." Panelists: Michael Rudowski, Raul Santillan, Kim Althoff, and Steve Arehart.

What Dallas Restaurants, Hotels, the Arts, and More Need to Recover

Jun. 29, 2020
Learn about 59 economic recovery requests of the City of Dallas that were shaped by a panel of 19 community volunteers representing: food trucks, restaurants; bars and brew pubs; music venues; tourism; arts and culture; hotels; and Dallas' nighttime economy. Panelists: Casey Thomas, Adam Bazaldua, Traci Mayer, Christopher Aslam, and Chris Heinbaugh.