Global cohorts

A countless number of individuals from around the world are helping to develop nighttime economies for more than 40 cities.
Carpe Noctem
"Governing the night-time city: The rise of night mayors as a new form of urban governance after dark" by Andreina Seijas and Mirik Milan Gelders, is the first academic study on the global "night mayor movement."

At the time of this study (2019), these two nighttime economy leaders had identified 35 night mayors and nighttime advocacy organizations from around the world.

Their study is the source for many of the nighttime economy initiatives listed here.

Missions vary from city to city — and many grew out of residential conflicts local nightclub cultures — but here are links to our individual and organizational colleagues around the planet.

Please contact us if you become aware of other municipal or regional cohorts.

Dublin, IE - Give Us the Night
Aberdeen, GB - Evening and Nighttime Economy Manager
London, GB - Night Czar
Manchester, GB - Nighttime Economy Adviser
Paris, FR - Conseil de la Nuit
Toulouse, FR - Toulouse Nocturne
Amsterdam, NL - Nachtburgemeester
Eindhoven, NL - Nachtburgemeester
Groningen, NL - Nachtburgemeester
Nijmegen, NL - Nachtburgemeester
The Hague, NL - Nachtburgemeester
Zwolle, NL - Nachtburgemeester
Vilnius, LT - Night Mayor
Kazan, RU - Night Mayor of Kazan
Tbilisi, GE - Nighttime Economy Project Manager
Budapest, HU - Night Embassy
Prague, CZ - Noční starosta
Berlin, DE - Clubcommission
Mannheim, DE - Nachtbürgermeister
Barcelona, ES - Comissió Nocturna de Barcelona (CONO)
Madrid, ES - NIX Madrid
Geneva, CH - Grand Conseil de la Nuit
Zurich, CH - NachtStadtrat Zürich